Sent: Wednesday, June 29, 2011 12:52 PM

Federal Bureau of Investigation
J. Edgar Hoover Building 935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20535-0001 .
Hot Line :+1678-971-8738
DATE: 28/06/2011,
Federal Bureau of Investigation
J. Edgar Hoover Building 935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20535-0001 .
Hot Line :+1678-971-8738
DATE: 28/06/2011,


ATTENTION: Mrs Ter... Hall.....,of Australia

This is to inform you that since this early morning America time here we have been monitoring your Compensation package fund delivery transaction with the United Nations Diplomat Morgan Mcallister in order to find out the legality of your dealings with them.
However, we the federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Washington D.C in conjunction with the Interpol Service and the Economic have screened with the help of our monitoring network which validated to us that the transaction you have with Diplomat Morgan Mcallister is nothing but legal.
So you have the lawful right to send the required $1,290usd in order for the package to be deliver to you within 1hour at your doorstep.
We also advise you to go ahead and deal with him for we are monitoring all of their service with the help of monitoring network Okay.
As it is now, we are pleased to inform you that after our due investigation over the above subject matter, we observed that the your Compensation package fund delivery is not only legal but also it is constitutional.

Therefore, you are legally protected to continue your transaction with them, we urge you to give them every cooperation, and also, try as much as you could to comply with every of their instruction hence our network computer is monitoring on the transaction so as to protect your interest.
Lucidly, the instruction to follow the advice and instructions, Diplomat Morgan Mcallister has been given to you today because they have their own legal procedure of delivery package which we have examined and found out that it is legally authorized.

DO CONTACT , Diplomat Morgan Mcallister with his mail;

with phone number +61261084356

Attach to this mail is my I.D Card and passport for your perusal only.

Thanks for listening to our encouragement.




Hello Dear Compensation Beneficiary Mrs T............. Hal........,

How are you doing today?

I am Diplomat Morgan Mcallister (The Delivery Agent) bringing your Compensation of your parntership business Award you did in Ghana, package worth 1, 5Million AUD to your destination .

I have been trying to reach you on your telephone now just to inform you about my successful arrival SYDNEY INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT AUSTRALIA.But your phone is on voice mechine.

Please note that I have left Ghana with your Compensation package and I am on transit at SYDNEY INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT here in AUSTRALIA , and according to the International regulations of SYDNEY INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT AUSTRALIA , every passenger including diplomats by law should declare all items that are not in the duty free zone to the Customs at the ARRIVAL or TRANSIT point. In this regard, yourCompensation package with AIR WAY BILL No.: HL4168172K is to be declared here in the airport so that I can proceed with my journey to your home address here in Australia, but the Customs here in SYDNEY are insisting to scan theCompensation package through their X-ray machine which I refused due to the instructions given to me by the Ghana Goverment foreign affair in Ghana .

And after the whole controversy, it was concluded that I pay $3,700Usd (Three Thousand Seven Hundred United States Dollar Only ) to the UNITED NATIONS in GHANA so that a Diplomatic Immunity Customs Clearance Certificate will be given to me so I could continue with my journey for the final delivery of your Compensation package without scanning it.

Please note that the Diplomatic Immunity Customs Clearance Certificate also represents a NON-INSPECTION CERTIFICATE which permits the free movement of the Compensation package to its final destination without any further hassle.

I will proceed with the delivery once I conclude with the SYDNEY INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Customs ,due the Diplomatic Immunity Customs Clearance Certificate of the Compensation package today with the Customs Service.I have instruction that the Compensation package should not be opened or scanned at any point of entry.Consequently,the customs Sydney International Airport AuthoritiesAustralia,they are very serious about Diplomatic Immunity Customs Clearance Certificate.

They guess it must obtain first,before I connect to your home address with the Compensation package.At the moment I have negotiated with theSydney International Airport AuthoritiesCustoms Authorities to allow me with the Compensation package,but they refused.

They said that it is illegal for me to fly from SYDNEY here and enter into states in Australia with the Compensation package without the Diplomatic Immunity Customs Clearance Certificate.They now directed me to contact the origin of the consignment box to get the clearance and I have also contacted our SPAIN Customs Services and they said that it will cost you the sum of $1,290usd Please note that Diplomatic Immunity Customs Clearance Certificate is very needed right now to obtain from SPAIN Customs Sevices,to enable me get out through customs the Sydney International Airport here ,and deliver to you .

Kindly arrange the needed sum of $1,290usd and send it immediately through western union with the name below,so that they can obtain the required Diplomatic Immunity Customs Clearance Certificate to enable me connect to your country .Send the sum of $1,290usd usd,direct to SPAIN Customs Service office.

Please try and reach me with my Australia local phone number +61261084356 , as I can not afford to spend more time here due to other delivery I have to take care of in Switzerland . Here are the papers backing the funds together with my passport as I can accompany you to your bank were you will deposit the fund successfully with these papers. I have one more vital paper with me but I can only present you the hard copy when I reach your house as that it’s the diplomatic rules, such as authorization to deliver.

Send the $1, 290usd through this information.

Amount : $1, 290usd

Quickly send across the $1, 290usd to Customs Sevices office in SPAIN as soon as possible to enable me arrange the Diplomatic Immunity Customs Clearance Certificate of the Compensation packageas to assure that the delivery is completed a.s.a.p.

Attcah is my United Nations Diplomatic Passport for your perusal Only Okay.

Waiting to hear from you soon.

Diplomat Morgan Mcallister

Email:  [  NOTE: The website shut down the mail account used!]



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This is a very long letter i think.The all information is really very useful for the people who are involved in this.I think they know better what to do to this letter than me.

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I'm not recieving scam emails. At all. I'm the lucky one, right?

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