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Sent: Friday, June 24, 2011 5:33 AM
Subject: Good Morning Uncle Richard,

Good Morning Uncle Richard,

Uncle,I want you to please to consider my condition here and help me out transfer my inheritance fund into your direct account in your country...
Good Morning Uncle Richard,

Uncle,I want you to please to consider my condition here and help me out transfer my inheritance fund into your direct account in your country so that I can relocate to your country where I can be safe again to stay with you and continue with my education again because I am not safe staying here in this country since I did not have any parent again and because of my present condition which I am not safe because those people who killed my parent and my only brother is chasing after me to kill me as they killed my parent because they want to take away everything my father left for me.

Please I want to inform you to know that this transaction which I have introduced to you is of mutual benefit to the both of us as well as the benefit of the less privileged in our societies. Though I contacted you through this medium being the only means I have to meet people abroad because of the urgent need of moving this fund abroad, and I plead you to consider my situation here and come to an urgent assistance because I am really facing a total rejection here and I do not have any relative here and in your country, it's only by the grace of God that I was able to get your contact after several fasting and praying and it seems that my sorrow increases as days goes by here that is why I desperately need your urgent help to transfer this fund into a foreign account and leave this country for a better life over there in your country.

But I must tell you my dear that I really need your urgent assistance only if you can be honest and sincere to help me out in this transaction because I can not afford to lose this my only fund which I want to invest with you in your country! 

Though, you sounded very honest and sincere to me in your email received and this also has given me the willingness to give you the details and information concerning this deposit and my self once I hear from you so as to proceed urgently to the contact of the Bank to arrange for the transfer of the fund to you abroad, and I will travel to meet you in your country once is done.

I have planed moving this fund to safety abroad after the death of my father, but find it difficult as I know nobody abroad who I can trust and who can be honest and sincere to me; though before I proceed to go further with the transfer of this fund to the foreign someone as my Guardian, I will like to have the complete information about the person, and know much about him as someone doing business with and who will receive this fund abroad on my behalf. The information will help me to locate the person when the fund has been transferred to the person.

Please if you are interested to help me and we have to proceed immediately with this matter as it requires an urgent attention, I will need the following informations from you:

1, your complete name
2, your full address
3, Your Photo
4, Telephone number
5, Fax number

I will also need to know much about you and your business for security reasons. Once I receive this informations from you, you will now proceed to contact the Bank on my behalf to arrange for the immediate transfer of the fund to you.

Meanwhile, I am including my complete informations and my picture as below:

Name: Miss Melisa Nwala.
Date of Birth: 18 June. 1990
Age: 21yrs
Address: 18 Avenue Joseph Anoma, 01 BP 2256 Abidjan 01.
City: Abidjan
Country: Cote d’Ivoire.
Tel;/: 00225 6651844111

I want you please to call me if possible now and I will wait to have your complete information and photo so that we will proceed immediately to contact the Bank for transfer of the fund to you as my Guardian abroad.

In my next email I will inform you about my condition here which enabled me to start looking for someone to assist me receive this fund abroad and urgently also give you the Bank contacts informations for you to contact them immediately on my behalf. Thank you and God bless.

I will be waiting to hear from you.

Yours Sincerely,
Miss.Melisa Nwala



This is the trick of many of the people who just deceives others for money.Internet dating is really like this fake pictures fake id etc.I also got an email like the above a year before.

12/21/2017 11:46pm

Well, the internet is not really a safe nor dangerous place. There are some sites in the internet that are secured and safe to enter while there are some that are really dangerous. While browsing the internet, you must first secure your privacy and do not give away any personal information. It is because your information may go into the hands of the people who steal identities (identity thefts). Also, if you feel that something on the internet is a scam, you may report it to the authorities.

02/11/2017 5:21am

I'm recieving a lot of scam emails every day and deleting them. Not reading at all. Everything is the same every day!

09/11/2017 6:34pm

she ask me the same thing and then send the money right back to her

03/14/2017 5:42am

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