Source: Daily Guide Ghana - Two Nigerians, who allegedly defrauded a German female engineer to the tune of £260,000 and $350,000 (GHC2.7 million) under the pretext of supplying her with gold, have been arraigned before court for fraud.
The accused persons, Mark Adigun Latif alias Nana Adjei and Toefeek Ajisafe Oluwashola alias Benjamin Osei, were put in an Accra Circuit Court, presided over by Afi Agbaney Kudamor and charged with conspiracy to commit crime. They pleaded not guilty.

They have been granted bail in the sum of GHC30,000 with two sureties while the case has been adjourned to January 27, 2016.

The facts of the case as presented by the prosecutor, ASP AA Yirenkyi, are that the complainant is Walfraus Wiscentan, an engineer by profession, while the accused persons are Nigerians who have assumed Ghanaian names.

He said in August 2011, the engineer met a man on the internet by name Chris Walters, who is currently at large, and the said Walters claimed he was from Nottingham and was into gold business in Ghana.

According to ASP Yirenkyi, Walfraus Wiscentan arrived in Ghana at the invitation of the accused persons and was picked by an unknown person to GS Plaza; and that two hours later another Nigerian – at large – called lawyer Evans Agyemang, went to the hotel and purported to complete some processes for the sale of gold and then informed her that the suspect (Walters) had been arrested in a gold deal.

The prosecutor told the court that the said Agyemang had told the complainant that they needed £375,000 to get him (Walters) out of court and to give a portion of the money to the Minerals Commission.

ASP Yirenkyi indicated that the following day Agyemang went to the lady engineer with a document which he claimed was an agreement and then took Walfraus Wiscentan to the office of Latif and said he (Latif) was a gold dealer.

The police officer said Latif took out some supposed gold from a box and claimed it was worth the £375,000 they were asking for and promised to give it to her if she paid for it.

The police officer said on the third day Oluwashola went to the lady and posed as a lawyer who had been assigned by the said Walters to take care of her stay in Ghana and added that on the eighth day Oluwashola went with a certain lady who they claimed was a banker, to the complainant.

Furthermore, the prosecutor stated that the two took Madam Walfraus Wiscentan to a bank and made her use her passport to sign other documents and they made her open an account and claimed it would secure the freedom of Walters.

In addition, ASP Yirenkyi said Oluwashola took the engineer to a room and showed her $125,000 notes with serial numbers, which were jotted down and the lady was told that if Walters was released he would send her gold and some money in Germany.

The prosecutor said Oluwashola and Agyemang later sent an email to the complainant giving her account numbers at Ecobank and Guarantee Trust Bank and lured her into paying various sums of money into them.

The prosecutor stated that on September 12, 2011 the syndicate sent her a letter claiming it came from the Ministry of Transport, indicating that an amount of $25 million had been awarded to Chris Walters, who managed to convince her to pay an additional 15,000.

He said having realized she had been defrauded, the complainant made a report to the police, leading to the arrest of the two men while the others went underground.

The prosecutor said the case was still under investigation.


03/28/2016 4:08am

We can get really very beneficent information here about that two German women and we can see the talking style of this writer is very nice and interesting.

01/09/2018 10:30pm

It was so very alarming. We should verify first the people we are interacting before dealing with the final transaction. There were so many past stories, news, and experiences regarding people being defrauded. If the deal is too good to be true, then double check everything. Always be reminded that before entering transactions, we should validate the legitimacy of the papers, the people, and its business. Thank you for sharing this kind of blog post. Hope that many readers would be more vigilant in their transactions with other people.

10/02/2016 10:41pm

This situation was really awful... I wish no one to feel all that on themselves!

01/15/2017 7:30am

I hope this kind of deceiving others must be stopped. Money is no joke, no matter how much is it. We should be smart on trusting people. We should check their backgrounds before making a transaction with them. Thank you for sharing this. It will serve as a warning and awareness to others.

11/16/2017 12:22am

This is immoral. I don't hate the people who have done the wrong but I hate the wrong that they did. What I mean is, this should not be tolerated. The one who did the illegal must pay for all of its means. But it doesn't always mean that people like them should always pay with their lives. They have sinned but God gives second chances. Maybe we should help them restore themselves and change.

11/26/2017 3:47pm

What a beautiful website... Love to visit here again and again.

02/06/2018 7:20pm

The police officers should focus on this kind of criminal activity. I can't believe that there are people who used to do criminal offense like this, where in fact they know what their life could be after doing this act and caught by our policemen. It is really hard to trust people nowadays, we really need to be extra careful in which people we can talk to and transact especially if there is money involved. This is alarming, policemen should be tight with their rules when it comes to this kind of activity, let's be vigilant always.


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