Official: Ghana is among the first top three countries in Africa where people indulge in cyber fraud!

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‘Sakawa’ (Scam) woman reveals secrets

Latest Scam News Updates: >>> Please Click Here >>>

Information gathered by Daily Heritage has revealed that hundreds of the country’s unemployed graduates are resorting to internet fraud popularly known as ‘sakawa’ due to frustration and humiliation they are suffering at the hands of relatives and friends.

The phenomenon is gradually gaining grounds in the major city centres at the time the president is making frantic efforts in fighting the canker through the various security agencies.  >>> Read More >>>

Three Ghanaians arrested in US for credit card scam

Six people are accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars in a credit-card scam that recruited fast-food workers to skim card numbers with an electronic reading device.

Central Ohio law officers and the Secret Service hope they put an end to the scheme by arresting the six yesterday and raiding two Columbus houses — at 1870 Hampstead Dr. and 1544 Kemper Rd., both on the North Side. >>> Read More >>>

Video below :Ghana & Nigerian Romance Scam Mafia

Fake Australian Passport & Voice of an African Women (Might be Northern Ghana or Nigeria)

Ghana Police arrest '419' kingpin

An expatriate alleged to be the mastermind behind a number of business frauds and 419 cases has been arrested by the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service.

The suspect, Sohiel Issah Arbid, 59, a Palestinian-born American, was arrested when he and his Ghanaian accomplices, who are currently at large, allegedly defrauded a Japanese consultant of $120,000 under the pretext of selling gold to him.

The suspect and his accomplices lured the Japanese, Kaya Yusuke, 36, from South Africa to Ghana to fleece him of his money.
According to the Director in charge of the Vetting and Crime Analysis Unit of the CID, Chief Superintendent Dennis Abade, the suspect had been on the police wanted list for quite some time now.

He said to carry out the business fraud, the suspect met his victims at hotels to verify samples of products they had been asked to buy.
After that, he informed the victims that he had just flown into the country from abroad to purchase the products.

Chief Supt Abade said his presence alone was enough for people to part with huge sums of money, only for them to realise later that they had been duped.
He said almost all the units investigating fraud cases, such as Visa Fraud and Commercial Crime, had cases involving the suspect.

Following Arbid’s arrest, a number of victims went to the CID Headquarters to identify him as the person alleged to be at the centre of a number of business fraud and 419 cases.
Chief Supt Abade said on June 25, 2012, Yusuke was lured into the country by Arbid and his Ghanaian accomplices through another Japanese businessman.

On arrival in the country, Yusuke m
et the said Japanese, who introduced Arbid as a businessman who could supply any quantity of gold... >>> Read More >>>